Old to New: Chair & Foot Stool

Josh recently found an old retro Eames style chair in our garage (of my Nana's), Josh thought it would be a great idea to re-upholster the chair and I wanted to be part of it! We then managed to find a sweet foot stool at a local second hand store (The Charity Barn) for a couple of dollars. Check out our makeover:

The foot stool was pretty easy to do, Josh basically cut a square of fabric wrapped around and stapled, we used the same method for the bottom of the chair also. For the top part of the chair we cut the chair shape out of the grey fabric and I sewed up the sides (using heavy grey thread on a wide stitch). We then pulled it tight over the chair and stapled at the bottom to attach.

Fabric - purchased from Spotlight and
Staple gun - a must if you plan to re-upholster anything!

Josh then spray painted the legs, and voila!

A super stylish chair and foot stool!

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