Six Month Wedding Anniversary

Monday was our six month wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something special for Josh so I made a special Japanese candle light dinner. I made Tempura for the starter, Tonkatsu Curry Rice for the main and Bavarian Caramel Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream and Whipped Cream for dessert!

I designed/made this menu all by myself!

I gave Josh this sweet leather luggage tag and two black pens from Kikki-K and he gave me this beautiful bird necklace from Redcurrent


I cheated a little with the tempura and used a premade tempura batter packet, but it made things a lot easier, you simply mix the powder with ice cold (make sure it's very cold!) water and be sure not to over mix.

With the vegetables, you want to choose various types with different textures and cut them into medium sized chunks. I used: Onion, Capsicum, Broccoli, Carrot, Eggplant and Green Beans

You simply dip your chopped vegetables into the tempura batter and deep fry for a few minutes until crispy. I served mine with a tempura dipping sauce which was delicious.

Tonkatsu Curry Rice

Tonkatsu (or pork cutlet) is a breaded and deep fried pork which is often served on curry rice in Japan. It is a super delicious dish that I promise you will love, and it is super easy to make!


Pork Fillet(s)
Egg (beaten)
Salt and Pepper
Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)

1. Season pork with salt and pepper on both sides
2. Place flour in plate and coat pork with flour on both sides
3. Coat pork in beaten egg
4. Coat pork in panko
5. Fry with plenty of oil until cooked
6. Serve with tonkatsu sauce

For the Curry I use S&B golden curry cubes
Click here to watch a video on how to make this curry (when I make it, I leave out the beef and serve it with the tonkatsu on top)

After dinner we walked down the road to the driving range and hit a 'bucket of balls' together.


  1. oooh looks like such a lovely night, Josh looks so spoilt! ;)

  2. sweet! The birdnecklace is beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the comments! Josh was a little spoiled, but it's ok, it's my birthday soon so my turn to be spoiled hehe! :)
    Thank you, it is a beautiful necklace! So lucky that my husband has such good taste!