Christmas Wishlist

1. Pink Heart Cupcake Papers - Stevens 2. Weekly Habits Pad - Kikki-K  3. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters - Stevens 4. Blue Marle Singlet - Jay Jays 5. Block Colour Singlet - Jay Jays 6. Pocky - Supermarket 7.  Betty Crocker Cupcake Decorating Kit - The Warehouse 8. Cooler Jug - Stevens 9. Salad Spinner - Stevens 10. Popsicle Notebook - Kikki K  11. Spiced Vanilla Handcream - The Body Shop 12. Felt-Tip Pens 10 Pack - Kikki-K 13. Platter & Dome - Kikki-K 14. Mortar & Pestle - Stevens

It's time to confess, please don't buy me chocolate for Christmas, honestly I won't eat it, especially if it has any kind of nuts or caramel in it! There are some types of chocolate I like, but in general, I'm not a huge chocoholic! The lollies I do love include fruit bursts, runts, pocky, gummy cola bottles etc.

So that concludes my Christmas wish list, what's on your list this year?


  1. nice list! can't believe you don't like fererro rocher though... what am I going to do with the crate I bought you?

  2. Thanks! Bahaha! Where do you get a crate of fererro rocher? Did it 'fall off the back of a truck'?