Bento Box Mania

I recently ordered some bento boxes from eBay and I can't wait to get them and start bento-ing! (Click here for some bento history)

Bento is not only a delicious and healthy way to eat lunch, but it is also somewhat of an art form. Many 'Bento Boxers' love to create cute and lovely images with their lunches. Here is some bento inspiration that I think you will enjoy!

1. Hello Kitty Seaweed    2. Yum Yum Bento Box Book    3.Red Rabbit & Moon Bento Box Set    4. Rabbit & Bear Plastic Bento Mould    5. Blue Stripes Bento Bag    6. Panda Two Tier Bento Box    7. Colourful Animal Picks


  1. Hey Rachel. How amazingly clever are you. They are the best Bento Boxes I have ever seen. Hope they were just as tasty to eat. xL

  2. Thank you Lynda! Unfortunately, I didn't make these bento boxes myself, I'm still waiting for my boxes to arrive in the mail :s But I will be making some of my own soon, and I will surely post about them! :)

  3. Good luck those look so cute and tasty :)