Craftroom Makeover

This post is a little late, considering it was my birthday on the 22 September, but better late than never!
So, for my 21st birthday my lovely husband spent a lot of time (I'm talking weeks of secret-squirreling) redecorating my craft room! I was so amazed when he took me to show me on my birthday, he did SUCH an amazing job, I absolutely LOVE my new room and I can't wait to get all crafty in it!

Craft room in progress - Josh made me a table from scratch!!
I absolutely love my new craft room and have already started filling it up with more bits and bobs (I'm thinking I may need to add another shelf in there soon!) He framed my favourite Frankie posters on the wall which I love, and he made that amazing hanging clothes hanger which is just perfect for hanging projects I'm working on (SUCH a clever idea, I absolutely love it!)

On top of the amazing things he made for me, he also filled up the room with presents, like the brown and white Kikki K stationery (Folders, boxes etc), he bought me some cute fabric, and some ribbon, and lots more!
Hope you enjoyed the post, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments :)


  1. Such a wonderful creative couple... I was already impressed when I saw it the other day but If I had realised how much Josh had done I would have been even more impressed. So cool!

  2. Thank you so much Kate!! I'm glad I can showcase Josh's awesome skills! :)