So I thought I should write a wee update on what's been happening, I haven't posted in awhile with everything going on! I hope I can get back into it now and post a bunch more stuff soon! I have heaps of plans so I'm sure you'll be hearing about them soon ;)

Well, it's been a crazy 2012 so far! Josh and I went to Parachute festival together and saw our favourite band ever play - The Rocket Summer! It was amazing, and meeting Bryce Avary (lead singer) was a dream! We saw a heap of fantastic bands actually, it was such a great weekend.

Even more exciting, was our recent trip to South Africa! (With a three day stop-over in Dubai on the way). Unfortunately I got sick off something I ate on the way to Dubai and our time there was sort of ruined by me feeling sick the whole time, but we did manage to visit an amazing mall and go on an incredible desert safari! Cape Town, South Africa was amazing! We had such an incredible time and we met some wonderful people and did heaps of super fun things. I plan to post soon with some photos and details of the trip, so keep tuned!

The last couple of weeks since we've been back from holiday I've been feeling so motivated and so excited about the future! I want to blog more, craft more, photograph more, bake more, hold a craft/baking stall at a local market here in Christchurch, and so many more things!

I have lots of posts planned for the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

XO Rachel 

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