BBQ Time!

The weather here in Christchurch has been amazing the last couple of weeks, so Josh and I have been making the most of it and barbequing it up while we have the chance! We made a delicious barbeque breakfast consisting of sausages, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, spaghetti and toast, mmmmmm, sooo good!

We also made a yummy barbeque dinner that night of open steak sandwiches (Ciabatta bread cut up and toasted with butter and garlic, topped with delicious marinated steak, capsicum and onion sautéed on the bbq with soy sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato, wholegrain mustard and aioli!) with curly fries - amazing! We set up a little table on our lawn with our mini camping chairs and big pillows, oh so fun!

Everything just tastes better on a barbeque! We had borrowed my Father in laws barbeque to cook these meals, but this past weekend we went out and bought our own barbeque! Our shiny new BBQ:

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