Hi all, just in case you have stumbled upon my old blog here, I just wanted to forward you on to my new blog.. Hello Melba! Please check it out!


Easter Weekend Fun!

As you all know, last weekend was Easter weekend!! It was super amazing to have a four day weekend, Josh and I definitely made the most out of it and had such a lovely time. It was also of course a wonderful time to thank Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice he gave, and also rejoice that he rose again and saved us from our sins! Thanks Jesus!

We managed to get our craft on over the weekend, and experimented with some different crafty projects which was super fun (post to follow in the next couple of days when I take photos of finished products!). We also went to the park opposite our house and took some really cute photos! We had a blast. Here are some photos we took.

Hope you had a fab Easter weekend! God bless!

XO Rach



So I thought I should write a wee update on what's been happening, I haven't posted in awhile with everything going on! I hope I can get back into it now and post a bunch more stuff soon! I have heaps of plans so I'm sure you'll be hearing about them soon ;)

Well, it's been a crazy 2012 so far! Josh and I went to Parachute festival together and saw our favourite band ever play - The Rocket Summer! It was amazing, and meeting Bryce Avary (lead singer) was a dream! We saw a heap of fantastic bands actually, it was such a great weekend.

Even more exciting, was our recent trip to South Africa! (With a three day stop-over in Dubai on the way). Unfortunately I got sick off something I ate on the way to Dubai and our time there was sort of ruined by me feeling sick the whole time, but we did manage to visit an amazing mall and go on an incredible desert safari! Cape Town, South Africa was amazing! We had such an incredible time and we met some wonderful people and did heaps of super fun things. I plan to post soon with some photos and details of the trip, so keep tuned!

The last couple of weeks since we've been back from holiday I've been feeling so motivated and so excited about the future! I want to blog more, craft more, photograph more, bake more, hold a craft/baking stall at a local market here in Christchurch, and so many more things!

I have lots of posts planned for the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

XO Rachel 


Free Christmas Gift Tags Download

Eat Drink Chic is offering a free download for some amazing Christmas knit gift tags! These are adorable and I am definitely printing some of these off myself! So head over to Eat Drink Chic and download some of these super sweet gift tags and sweeten up your gifts this year!
If you're wondering where to get some of that amazing red and white twine, you can get a box here from Kikki-K

Hope your Christmas plans are coming along well! Only 9 days to go!


Christmas Wishlist

1. Pink Heart Cupcake Papers - Stevens 2. Weekly Habits Pad - Kikki-K  3. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters - Stevens 4. Blue Marle Singlet - Jay Jays 5. Block Colour Singlet - Jay Jays 6. Pocky - Supermarket 7.  Betty Crocker Cupcake Decorating Kit - The Warehouse 8. Cooler Jug - Stevens 9. Salad Spinner - Stevens 10. Popsicle Notebook - Kikki K  11. Spiced Vanilla Handcream - The Body Shop 12. Felt-Tip Pens 10 Pack - Kikki-K 13. Platter & Dome - Kikki-K 14. Mortar & Pestle - Stevens

It's time to confess, please don't buy me chocolate for Christmas, honestly I won't eat it, especially if it has any kind of nuts or caramel in it! There are some types of chocolate I like, but in general, I'm not a huge chocoholic! The lollies I do love include fruit bursts, runts, pocky, gummy cola bottles etc.

So that concludes my Christmas wish list, what's on your list this year?


Favourite Things Store

So, I've been working on this for awhile, and now I have finally started my own online store! I've called it Favourite Things because, well, it's a bunch of my favourite things. I'm super excited to have it started, and even though it's fairly small at the moment I have big plans to expand the product range and do some hand made goodies eventually too!
I'm super excited to finally be launching the store, I hope you all check it out and like what I have on offer! :)
Here are some of my current products, check out the store for more - www.favouritethings.bigcartel.com


BBQ Time!

The weather here in Christchurch has been amazing the last couple of weeks, so Josh and I have been making the most of it and barbequing it up while we have the chance! We made a delicious barbeque breakfast consisting of sausages, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, spaghetti and toast, mmmmmm, sooo good!

We also made a yummy barbeque dinner that night of open steak sandwiches (Ciabatta bread cut up and toasted with butter and garlic, topped with delicious marinated steak, capsicum and onion sautéed on the bbq with soy sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato, wholegrain mustard and aioli!) with curly fries - amazing! We set up a little table on our lawn with our mini camping chairs and big pillows, oh so fun!

Everything just tastes better on a barbeque! We had borrowed my Father in laws barbeque to cook these meals, but this past weekend we went out and bought our own barbeque! Our shiny new BBQ: